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    Fuel tanks
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    Pressurised containers
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    Special products
  • Lightweight construction systems
    Lightweight construction systems
  • Aluminium thixocasting
    Aluminium thixocasting
  • Renewable energy systems
    Renewable energy systems

SAG Motion Group

SAG Motion Group – all types of lightweight construction solutions

The SAG Motion Group`s core business is the production of components, systems and special solutions made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, plastic, alternative materials and hybrid materials for the automotive, commercial vehicles, aviation and motorcycles industries.  


Aluminium knowhow and tailor-made materials design competence in all companies of the SAG Group together with the use of synergies with the SAG R&D department result in the in-house developments of highly complex products and systems. These systems, tailored to market requirements, vouch for optimum, innovative and future orientated solutions for our customers.


SAG Materials Group