Career Compass Aspect Ratio 8 10
We support high potentials

SAG's Talent factory

The promotion of talents has a very high priority within SAG. Numerous examples show that we are on the right track: very often we succeed in filling positions with internal applicants. A precondition for successful individual development is of course continuous support, promotion and training of our employees. SAG put a considerable budget for this every year. Our Talent Factory is basically open to every employee. With various international projects and many targeted measures, our talent program is challenging, extremely varied and individually focused on the success of every participant.

What’s in?

  • International education programs & projects
  • Special benefits
  • individual career plans for management and expert positions
Chance Aspect Ratio 8 10

Many chances - many careers @ SAG

Motivated and talented employees are indispensable in a functioning organization and contribute significantly to the success of the company. The identification of these employees is an important point in personnel development. Only if these so called high potentials – and those who want to become high potentials – are recognized and promoted in their own company can they develop further and thus create added value for themselves and, of course, for the company. Our goal is to promote this.