SAG The Netherlands

Production, Development Center, Engineering

SAG Alutech Nederland B.V. specialises in the development and production of fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks and storage boxes made of aluminium, steel and stainless steel for the commercial vehicle industry (trucks and buses). As an important Tier 1 supplier, all major OEMs are supplied. The company specialises in the delivery of large quantities as well as prototype production and is a development partner to all major truck and bus manufacturers. In addition to the production facilities, Alutech Nederland also has its own development centre and its own engineering department with the following focal points:

  • Concept design, 3D Modelling CREO / Catia
  • sheet metal design
  • FEM analyses
  • document & project management
  • prototyping
  • Expert know-how of the entire SAG Group
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SAG The Netherlands


The company was founded in 1916 by A. Slotboom as a manufacturer of sheet metal parts. Over the years, the company specialized in the production of fuel tanks. This was decisive for a rapid expansion. After being taken over by United Parts and later Raufoss, the company was finally taken over by SAG in 2001 as a subsidiary and integrated into the international SAG group.

Since then, the company has grown continuously and has established itself as the leading tank manufacturer for the European truck industry.

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