Bosch Supplier Trade Show 2015 in Stuttgart

The "Bosch Supplier Trade Show" took place in Stuttgart (Germany) on 1 July 2015. Accompanied by the slogan "Rock the Mobility Solutions", 75 selected exhibitors had the opportunity to present their innovations at the show, which was organised by the Bosch divisions "Automotive Electronics", "Chassis Systems Control" and "Car Multimedia".


The purpose of the trade fair was to promote the sharing of information relating to innovative solutions and the latest technological trends between Bosch and its suppliers.


The 1000 or so visitors to the fair consisted entirely of Bosch employees from the areas of Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Construction, Research & Development and other technical divisions.


SAG was in attendance to present its thixoforming and rheocasting process, particularly the thixo cooling unit that it developed in collaboration with Bosch. The "thixo cooling unit" project is very well-known within Bosch, and as a result, other departments of Bosch, such as Automotive Steering, Gasoline Systems and Electronics have expressed a keen interest in the thixoforming process.


In general, it was evident that visitors were on the look-out for alternatives to die casting technology, being faced with the advent of new requirements upon components, such as weldability, for example, not least due to hybridisation.


The feedback from the trade visitors regarding the appearance of SAG at the fair was very positive.


Employees of Bosch who visited the SAG stand at the fair were provided with detailed information about the thixoforming and rheocasting process, providing a better overview of our innovative range of products and the developments at SAG.



Erwin Zimmermann

Key Account Manager, SAG Alutech GmbH