Our history for over 120 years

Progress in Aluminium

Company development of the Salzburg Aluminum Group


In 1897, the aluminum Stock Company (AIAG), more specifically the Swiss Metallurgical Company (later Alusuisse), acquired the water rights of the Gasteiner Ache and the former gold and silver smelters as well as the burned down asbestos factory in Lend, Salzburg, Austria.

Two years later, the aluminum smelter and the electrolytic furnace were put into operation, and the electrode plant together with the first water power plant were built. In 1902 the construction of the second company owned power plant, the Kitzloch power plant at the nearby Rauriser Ache, began. From the time of its successful creation, and until 1938, the company produced primary aluminum in the form of ingots, foundry alloys, wrought alloys and carbides.



The construction of the Schwarzach factory - today's Alutech GmbH – made it possible in 1973 for SAG to become the world leading manufacturer in the production of aluminum compressed air tanks. In order to meet the growing demand for new products, a welding robot able to increase efficiency was put into operation about 10 years later.

In 1992 the Salzburger Aluminim AG was founded thanks to the Mangement Buyout by DI. Josef Wöhrer and his family, and other management members.


In 1993, Alutech GmbH was founded and the product portfolio was extended to aluminum fuel tanks.
Thereupon, the subsidiaries SAG Alu-Recycling GmbH, Aluminum Lend GmbH and Thixalloy® Components GmbH were founded.

In addition, Euromotive GmbH was purchased and integrated into Alutech GmbH, for the development and production of automotive and aerospace components.


In 2001 Alutech Nederland B.V., SAG France SAS and Fueltech Sweden AB (from the Norwegian Raufoss Group) were acquired. As a result, SAG took the leap into the European league of the largest aluminum fuel tank producers.

In 2002 Alutech Slovakia s.r.o. was founded, as a supplier of tailor-made constructions.

In 2003, 51 percent of HPI High Performance Industrietechnik GmbH in Ranshofen, upper Austria, Austria, was taken over for the further expansion of SAG’s engineering competencies.




In 2008 the Group structure was redesigned: in this year, SAG became a holding company.The newly established SAG Motion Group was entrusted with the commercial vehicle, the automotive, the railway and the aviation sectors. The SAG Materials Group was founded for metallurgical production and sales activities.

At the same time, SAG positioned itself in Central America through the acquisition of 60% of two Mexican sites - SAG-MECASA S.A. De CV and SAG Mecalaser S.A. De C.V. -, which have become the main supplier businesses for the NAFTA region.


Implementation of a successful restructuring process


SAG's "follow-the-customer" strategy added to the Group another overseas location through the construction of the SAG Brasil Fabricacräo de tanques Ltda manufacturing plant. The factory, located near Sao Paolo, Brazil, went into operation in 2014.  


In this same period, SAG Business Improvement GmbH was founded as a shared service unit and Euromotive GmbH & Co KG was sold.


SAG Spain Sucursal en España was established as a supplier of fuel tanks and a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAG France S.A.S. in Alcala de Henares, near Madrid.

At the end of the year, Aluminum Lend GmbH had to be closed for economic reasons. 

For strategic reasons, the investment in HPI High Performance Industrial Technology was sold.



At the end of May 2017, the Salzburg Aluminum Group acquired the two Mexican companies SAG Mecasa S.A. de C.V. and SAG Mecalaser S.A. de C.V. to 100%.


In addition, the company Profmecsa was taken over and is now integrated into the SAG Group.

SAG will thus be able to provide our European expertise locally to American and Mexican customers as well as to European customers with production plants in the NAFTA region.