Lightweight construction

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Lightweight construction

Weight reduction is and remains one of the top topics in the world of motor vehicles. The average proportion of aluminum in motor vehicles has increased steadily over the years. As one of the leading aluminum experts, SAG strongly believes in this global development in particular with regard to the sustainability of the material.

SAG manufactures at highest quality level using the latest joining, bonding, welding and bending technologies. Profile forming processes can be implemented by means of 3D bending or stretch bending or in presses. SAG’s experience and expertise in aluminum production are highlighted by numerous patent applications and its competence in customer-oriented development.

SAG has continuously developed the process of casting aluminum in semi-solid and semi-liquid state. The main application of this technology can be found in so-called hybrid components, which are the components in which cast parts are welded with other components (eg extrusion press profiles). Semisolid castings allow welding joints of the highest quality with regard to gas tightness and mechanical fatigue strength.

A further application of this casting technology is the production of components with large wall thickness or wide variation in wall thickness. With the SAG semisolid casting technique, shrinkage porosity can largely be avoided, which results in increased strength, fatigue strength and ductility of these components.

    With the introduction of the Rheo-route, where a bolt is not being reheated to casting temperature, as in the case of thixocasting, but instead is cooled deliberately from the liquid state into the semi-solid state, the competitiveness of semisolid castings could be significantly increased.

    This process is mainly used for such products as complex pressure containers, air cushion components in passenger cars, highly stressed structural components with large wall thicknesses or wide variation in wall thickness, welded or unwelded, as well as extreme lightweight components for the aircraft industry.