LNG tank systems

Goodbye Diesel, welcome green mobility

LNG tank systems

As a world market leader for fuel tanks, SAG develops and manufactures not only diesel tanks but also so-called cryogenic tanks which store liquefied natural gas at about -150°C. These double-walled, super-insulated containers allow a comparable range with natural gas than with diesel. To manufacture these products, new processes such as component cleaning, wrapping of multi-layer insulation, evacuation and heating have been qualified to the usual automotive standard for series production.

The SAG LNG tank is therefore the first European manufactured solution released for the European market as ECE R110 certified.

For the further development of these products, appropriate laboratory equipment, measuring technology as well as an LNG tank test rig are available. Appropriate thermodynamic tests can be carried out and load conditions of commercial vehicle engines can be simulated. In addition to being used as fuel tanks for trucks, such cryogenic containers can also be used in other applications, such as large wheel loaders, mining vehicles or in the medical field for the oxygen supply of patients.