Forschung und Entwicklung

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Research and Development

A large part of SAG's business is driven by continuous development. Ideas, brought in from different applications, industries and continents, result in unconventional but proven and tested solutions for the needs and requirements of our customers.

The SAG work scope ranges from alloy development, optimization of heat treatment processes, components and assemblies product design, prototyping, virtual and real testing up to the transfer of new developments into serial production.

SAG R & D offers its services as ONE STOP SHOP, starting with the basic idea for a new product up to the SOP (Start of Production). Modern development methods, supported by a strong project management, are used to deliver satisfactory results within the agreed time frame.

As the basis for this success we rely on a well-trained team of engineers and project managers with many years of experience in generating the best possible solutions for lightweight construction applications.

Starting point for SAG R & D may be an installation space, boundary conditions or specifications. The final product, delivered by SAG R & D, is a virtually and physically tested prototype ready for use or further testing by the customer.

  • Alloy development for aluminum
  • Development of heat treatment strategies for aluminum alloys
  • Product development of structural components, lightweight components and assemblies
  • Joint development of material and component

Components can be optimally designed using the alloy development expertise and the heat treatment development. Alloys or heat treatments can be tailored specifically to structural components and their applications.

  • Planning of serial production lines and plants for the production of aluminum lightweight components and assemblies.

The fine-tuning of our key R & D skills has made us the preferred development partner for many of our customers.

  • Development of alloys and heat treatments, as well as optimization to meet customer requirements
  • Development of lightweight components and assemblies CAD design
  • Virtual assessment of products and production processes State-of-the-art simulation and optimization software is used to minimize the necessary number of real tests.
  • Prototype production The R & D laboratory is very well equipped with production facilities for the production of prototypes in the shortest possible time.
  • Real (physical) product and production process tests The R & D laboratory is equipped with a variety of test and analysis devices that allow to demonstrate the strength and durability of the developed products.