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R&D Services

We develop side by side with the R&D departments of our customers

Our R&D experts work across locations and side by side with our customers’ R&D departments to develop the best possible products or technologies.

A network of partners in universities and research institutes enables us to work interdisciplinary and to research complex tasks. This is why we became a preferred development partner for many of our customers.

Our Services

SAG R&D is a reliable partner for lightweight constructions:

  • Product development of structural components, lightweight parts and assemblies
  • Alloy development for aluminium
  • Development of heat treatment strategies for aluminium alloys
  • Joint development of material and component
  • Planning of series production lines and systems for the manufacture of lightweight aluminium components and assemblies

The starting point for SAG R&D could be installation space, boundary conditions or specifications. The R&D process leads to a virtually and physically tested prototype that is ready for use or further testing at the customer’s site. Also comprehensive real tests can be carried out in the well-equipped SAG laboratories.

The following services are offered by SAG R&D:

  • Real testing of fuel tanks
  • crash simulations
  • Thermal and thermomechanical simulations
  • Sheet metal forming and casting simulations
  • Motion simulations in fuel tanks
  • FEM strength calculations
  • fatigue calculations
  • Strength calculations of fuel tanks
  • Development of tanks according to specific guidelines
  • Development of tanks for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
  • Development of smart tanks with electronic sensors
  • Research on tank solutions for liquid hydrogen

SAG R&D is also a professional partner with excellent know-how in the development of efficient production processes and manufacturing concepts.

SAG’s strengths in process and manufacturing technology:

  • Robot-based automation, SPS technology
  • Automation of connection technology
  • forming
  • Automated leak testing (He-based) of pressure-tight components
  • Inductive heating processes
  • Concepts and implementation of production jigs and fixtures
  • process linkages