SAG Slovakia

From prototypes to series production

The development and production department of SAG Alutech Slovakia offers special solutions and special products for special purposes.

From the selection of suitable materials, the design including FEM calculation, the preparation of all production-relevant documents (2D, 3D) as well as the prototype production, the customers are accompanied in the implementation of complex welded designs optimised in terms of construction space and weight through to series production.

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SAG Slovakia

product portfolio

SAG Alutech Slovakia realises individual, efficient solutions with the aid of the most modern CAD and simulation programs, taking into account special, customer-specific product requirements with regard to special loads, temperatures, etc.
The product portfolio ranges from space- and weight-optimised tank systems for various filling media, storage box systems, loading areas, enclosures, vehicle cabins, seat structures for various special and rail vehicles to complex welded constructions, also for stationary use.

Furthermore, structural parts for roof and frame constructions for locomotives, door and window frames for rail vehicles, special storage containers for military vehicles, ventilation grilles, guide ducts and claddings as well as space-optimized pressure vessels.

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