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Compressed air tanks and air reservoirs

Compressed air tanks are manufactured for the operation of compressed air braking systems and auxiliary equipment in commercial vehicles and their trailers in accordance with EN 286-2 and in rail vehicles in accordance with EN 286-4 with various diameters and volumes. Air reservoirs are designed for use in the automotive industry. On the one hand as compressed air storage tanks for air suspension systems or as additional volume directly at the air-suspended struts.

In addition, air accumulators can also be used to support turbo units. (Here the compressed air flows into the turbo in order to be able to generate a higher engine output for a short time). Due to their space-optimized shape, almost any customer requirement can be met.

Due to the increasing demands on product quality, weight and know-how, SAG is one of the world’s leading suppliers in this sector.

Compressed air container for commercial vehicles

The compressed air tanks from SAG Alutech are optimised in terms of quality, weight and cost thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Our products are manufactured for commercial vehicles according to EN 286-2 with and without welded-on brackets.

Due to the variability of the compressed air tanks in the volume design and the flexibility in determining the connection geometries – such as e.g. connection design and position – we are able to meet customer-specific requirements. In addition to standard containers, we thus offer a wide variety of products.

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Air reservoirs for automotive applications

Safety and comfort are playing an increasingly important role in modern vehicles. Vehicles in the luxury segment, in particular, have equipment variants that make driving even more pleasant. SAG supports the major OEMs with its products and, for example, supplies air reservoirs for air suspension systems as well as engine turbochargers for luxury and upper mid-range vehicles.

SAG’s aluminium air accumulators supply the necessary compressed air, which is usually kept in the tank at a pressure of approx. 20 bar. The shapes of the SAG air reservoirs do not always have to be cylindrical, but can also take on other shapes in order to optimally meet the installation space requirements of our customers.