Our mission

Progress in aluminium

“Progress through aluminium” is our guiding principle. Aluminium is the material of the future. Aluminium can be easily loaded and shaped and is extremely efficient due to its recyclability. It enables sustainable, innovative and unique solutions for the automotive industry to reduce CO2 emissions.

Together for the environment

Aluminium materials and aluminium products help to save energy and conserve resources. We recycle aluminium to close the value creation cycle and reuse aluminium.

Strong because of internationality

We orient ourselves to the wishes of our customers. With our follow-the-customer strategy, we accompany our customers worldwide and support them with our products and services on site.

Innovation in motion

With the help of aluminium, we develop high-quality, innovative products for the automotive, rail and aviation industries, for example. In partnership with our customers, we develop individual, Taylor-made solutions.

Facing the future together with joy and pride

Our employees continue to write the history of our company on a daily basis. We are proud of our performance and treat each other respectfully and appreciatively within the SAG families.

I’m part of the story

We draw our strength from the competence and commitment of our employees. We encourage and challenge them. We expect them to have professional and social skills as well as the ability to work in a team and an entrepreneurial spirit.