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Fueltech Sweden AB

Fueltech Sweden AB is a 100% subsidiary of SAG Motion GmbH. The company was acquired from the Raufoss group and incorporated to the SAG Group in 2001.

2001: Fueltech started with the production of fuel tanks, oil and hydraulic oil tanks.

2003: Start of development of hydraulic tank concepts and accessories for the special tank market. Serial production started in 2004.

2005: Development of duplex AdBlue tanks for commercial vehicles. Serial production started in 2006.

2009: Start of the development of the patented heating system ECOScience. Market introduction in 2010.

2013: Fueltech started with the development of high strength chassis components made of Rheocasting aluminium for commercial vehicles. Serial production started in 2015.

Range of products:

  • Fuel, hydraulic, AdBlue tanks
  • EcoScience heating system
  • Rheocasting chassis parts
SAG Sweden

Rheocasting parts for heavy vehicles

Since 2014, Fueltech has been producing high-strength aluminum castings in Sweden using the Rheocasting process. This highly specialized and unique development of the aluminum casting process enables quality improvement, cost reduction and a significant weight reduction (up to 60 % compared with steel parts). Every year more than 250.000 Rheocasting parts have been produced for OEMs in the truck and automotive industry. With additional new products, the plant expands steadily.

Customers are in the fields of OEMs, special vehicles producers and companies in the renewable energy market (with ECOScience).

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