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SAG - one of the leading suppliers worldwide

Fuel and hydraulic tanks

SAG is leading manufacturer of fuel and hydraulic tanks and Tier1 supplier for all important OEMs.

Tank systems made of aluminium, stainless steel or steel are developed and manufactured on highest quality levels at SAG’s production sites in Europe and Mexico. Highly experienced in developing environmentally friendly solutions for fuel, hydraulic and urea tanks (AdBlue) the SAG F&E teams work hand in hand with the OEMs on individual and combined solutions for special and rail vehicles. SAG is

  • preferred development partner for customized system solutions
  • preferred supplier of all major commercial vehicle manufacturers
  • supplier of the complete value chain from R&D/engineering to just-in-sequence logistics



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Fuel tanks (with and without steps)

In addition to various kinds of fuel tanks made of aluminium and stainless steel tailored to customer requirements, SAG also develops and produces aluminium step tanks. A maximum volume for step tanks can be achieved through special space-optimized design.

Combi Tanks

Combi tanks are manufactured – based on the cross-sections of all major European OEM’s – e.g. for diesel chambers and hydraulic oil chambers. The connections correspond to the designs of single-chamber fuel tanks.

On request, the SAG fuel tanks can also be equipped with a double partition wall. This offers additional safety, especially on construction sites.

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