Tailor-made special products and lightweight solutions

The Salzburger Aluminium Group is a leading supplier of lightweight construction solutions in the vehicle segment and manufactures innovative lightweight constructions made of aluminium at the highest quality level and according to individual technical customer requirements for manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, rail vehicles and special vehicles.

Crash management systems, bumpers, trailers, structural parts and tailor-made active and passive components for pedestrian protection are developed and manufactured for passenger cars. For trucks and special vehicles, we produce aluminium components for the highest demands (e.g. anchorages for truck cabins using the rheocasting process) as well as tailor-made body parts.

In the field of rail vehicles, windows, roof constructions and special components are designed and mass-produced. SAG produces customer-specific components for special vehicles.

Commercial Vehicles
Special Markets
Bahn_low Aspect Ratio 8x10

All these weight-optimized products are developed together with the customer and brought to series maturity, and are manufactured using the latest casting, joining, bonding, welding and bending technologies.

In addition, the manufacture of complex assemblies such as seat structures, cockpit modules or assembly and welding groups is also part of SAG’s core competence, as many worldwide patents prove. SAG products thus contribute to the sustainable, environmentally conscious and safe transport of goods and people.

Lightweight construction at the highest quality level

  • Tailor-made solutions on customer request
  • Sustainable energy and environmental balance
  • Rheocasting technology for lightweight components subject to the highest loads