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SAG – Facts & Figures

10 locations worldwide - always near to our customers

SAG is an Austria based private owned company. 1993 founded by a management buyout, the company has grown continuously and today it is one of the top 100 companies in Austria. With sites at 10 locations and more than 1300 employees in Europe and México SAG has a global footprint and follows a “close-to-the-customer”-strategy which offers high flexibility, short supply chains and sustainability to OEMs.

Turnover of the SAG group in 2019 was 200 million EUR. Main customers are VOLVO, SCANIA, IVECO, MAN, DAF, Daimler, BMW, Maserati as well as key players in the rail vehicle and special vehicle industry. 

We bring lightness to mobility 

SAG is market leader for aluminium fuel tanks for trucks and Tier-1 supplier for OEMs worldwide. Hundred thousands of tanks and chassis components have been produced annually at production sites in Austria, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia and México. 

Beside of tanks main products are air reservoirs, air pressure tanks, chassis parts and special products like train windows and heating systems.  

Moreover SAG is technology leader for cryotanks. Since 2012 cryo tanks for LNG trucks have been developed and produced at the production site in Austria. SAG has established as the biggest European manufacturer for LNG tanks since then and has a pioneer role in developing cryo tanks for liquid hydrogen. 

With Rheocasting SAG is the first company to make this special semi-solid aluminium casting technique ready for serial production. Such light and durable chassis parts for trucks and cars have been produced by SAG Sweden and SAG Austria and production facilities has been enlarged continuously as the demand for Rheocasting lightweight components increases rapidly.  

SAG offers deep technical knowledge, the whole R&D supply chain, highest quality standards (zero defect tolenance) and innovative product developments – in close cooperation with the OEMs. All this made SAG to one of the most renowned aluminium processing companies and a reliable partner for long-term customer relationships in the vehicle industry. 


Our sites in Austria, Europe and México

In Austria:

  • SAG Motion GmbH – Lend/Salzburg
  • SAG Alutech GmbH – Lend and Schwarzach/Salzburg
  • SAG Innovation GmbH – Lend and Vienna

In Europe & México:

  • SAG Alutech Nederland B.V.
  • SAG Alutech Slovakia s.r.o.
  • SAG Fueltech Sweden AB
  • SAG France S.A.S.
  • SAG Spain
  • SAG México S.A. de C.V.

Number of employees: 1300 worldwide

Turnover 2019: around EUR 200 millions

Main product groups: Aluminium fuel tanks for trucks, cryo tank systems (LNG), compressed air tanks, air reservoirs, special lightweight solutions, special aluminium products e.g. for automotive or railway industries

Export ratio: 90 %

Main markets: Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands,  México, USA